Episode 7. Gary McCormick, Principal and Founder of GMC Communications: Educates us on the importance of PR and a Communications Plan to any business and where to start!

February 16, 2018

Welcome to Episode 7 with Gary McCormick, Prinicpal and Founder of GMC Communications, a PR and communications firm that brings over 30 years of experience delivering strategic public relations and target marketing counsel to help grow your brand and business's presense in any industry!

Gary, with host Mart Marasco, educates us on why a communications plan and target marketing is critical to any business or startup, how to begin the process affectively, and the value it brings to your brand and business immediately if done the right way. He also shares his diverse and unique background of over 3 decades within the PR and marketing industries and how it has evolved into new marketing mediums over that time.

Visit www.gmccomm.com to view Gary's firm and their services that will enhance your brand and grow your business affectively with the appropriate target marketing approach.

You can connect with Gary via email @: gary@gmccomm.com

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/gary-mccormick-apr-fellow-prsa-0871643/

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