Episode 11. Max Polec, Director of the UAB Commercialization Accelerator: Discusses UAB’s student based startup Accelerator and his plans to impact Birmingham!

June 1, 2018

Welcome to Episode 11 with Max Polec, the Director of UAB’s Commercialization Accelerator, a university based startup accelerator funded by UAB as a free business based program to provide students the opportunity for training, mentorship and funding strategies to help bring their entrepreneurial endeavor to life!

Max, an entrepreneur himself and a transplant from Pennsylvania helped launch this new program in 2017 upon his arrival to Birmingham. 

Max, with host Mart Marasco discusses in detail the program put in place to help guide students towards a successful startup while juggling their academic responsibilities. He explains future plans of opening the program up to UAB students, faculty and staff with the ultimate goal of building viable and scalable startups to create continued economic growth in Birmingham!

Visit uab.edu/research/innovation/about-accelerate to learn more about the UAB Commercialization Accelerator.

You can connect with Max via email @: mpolec@uab.edu 

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/maxpolec/

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