Episode 10. Robert Ferrara, Founder and CEO of AnchorSpace.io: Discusses his niche business, being and Birmingham and part of the Velocity Accelerator!

May 29, 2018

Welcome to Episode 10 with Robert Ferrara, Founder and CEO of AnchorSpace, a Birmingham based startup which helps small businesses find space for their brick and mortar strategy and create tools to help landlords connect and find small businesses that could benefit from their space.  Anchor Space’s ultimate goal is to bring transparency and innovation to the commercial real estate arena.

Robert is originally from Birmingham and he and his company were selected into the 2018 Velocity Accelerator program supported by the Innovation Depot.

Robert, with host Mart Marasco discusses how his career profession and background in commercial real estate helped him identify this problematic area of connecting potential tenants to vacant space and turn it into an innovative startup. He also discusses life at the Innovation Depot and how he has benefited as a participant in the Velocity Accelerator!

 Visit http://www.anchorspace.io to learn more about this new innovative tool connecting potential commercial tenants to landlords.

 You can connect with Robert via email @: Robert@anchorspace.io 

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/robert-ferrara-52965020/

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